Book Review: Girl Meets World by Claire Betita de Guzman

Girl Meets World by Claire Betita de Guzman
Publisher: Summit Books
Number of Pages: 143
My Copy: Paperback

From the author of No Boyfriend Since Birth comes another modern-day romance that’s sure to tickle your funny bone—and touch your heart. Mia Tupas is your typical shy girl daunted by the idea of talking to strangers and content with a humdrum routine of shuttling between work and home. But right after a fortuneteller spies a man in her future, Mia meets Leo, and the two hit it off immediately. There’s just one problem: Leo lives in Bangkok, and Mia balks at the mere thought of getting on a plane—she’s never even been around the country!
Still, the possibility of romance is tantalizing, and Mia manages to keep in touch with Leo through e-mail. But when she finally works up the courage to fly to Bangkok and find out where she stands, she discovers that Leo has left for Bali on the very same day.

Will Mia get her much-awaited chance at love? Join her on this entertaining, cross-country quest through Bangkok, Bali, and Vietnam for the man who just might be The One.

I highly recommend this book to all guys out there, yes, this will definitely boost your ego. Here's this conservative homebody so eager to travel across Asia Pacific just to get to a guy, a guy whom she just met once. 

Yes people, we Filipinas are THIS desperate in finding our True Love... NOT!

What happened to women empowerment, Ms. Author?

I thought this book is all about girl power. After reading some chapters, I told myself... Ahh, finally, a girl protagonist who doesn't declare that she graduated from Ateneo, that she drives her own car and have the luxury to spend, spend, spend. Finally, a very typical Filipina. But why did she have to be... so jologs and kiri-kiri

And... to make it worse, none of the 'coincidence' seemed real to me. She kept on seeing acquaintances in this trip, how lucky can one get (free ticket, free hotel, free villa etc.)? No one told me that this is a fantasy book.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


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