Book Review: Kids These Days (Luna East Vol. 1)

Kids These Days (Stories from Luna East Arts Academy Vol. 1)
by Chrissie Peria, Mina V. Esguerra, Jen C. Suguitan, Jayen San Diego, Stella Torres, Richard Cy, Jonnalyn Cabigting, Robert V. Wong, Ronald S. Lim, Miles Tan, Athena Claire Dueñas, M. Protacio-De Guzman, Kristel Villar, Alyssa Ashley Lucas, Addie Lynn Co, Anne Plaza, YK Marquez, D.R. Lee

The stories from LUNA EAST ARTS ACADEMY are about love. And also, friends, food, kissing, rumors, mean people, insecurities, birthdays, breakups, making up. We set it in an arts academy because we wanted everyone to have a talent, and know it. Because no one is ordinary, if you know them well enough.

Who are you, at LUNA EAST? Are you a popular kid, a wallflower, a drama club diva, a debate whiz? Visit to read more stories from #LUNAEAST, and submit your own. For readers 16 and up.

I must admit, one of my guilty pleasures is reminiscing. I always relish good things and daydream about recollections of the past. I especially like recollecting the things I experienced in high school.

Perhaps because in those times that I'm carefree and happy-go-lucky, I learned some of life's biggest lessons as well as found some of my truest friends.

I hate to generalize but, isn't high school one of the best parts of our lives? If not, why do alumni homecomings still exist?

But before fast forward to graduation and reunions, let this book travel us back to our own high school days, and high school ways.

A collection of short stories set in high school, Luna East is one of the pet project of #romanceclass.  A universe created by a pool of authors, authors-to-be and you, if you want to take part in it.

It is created by different authors so a glimpse of different personalities is a given. It was written in different voices though, and while it didn't affect the whole book at all, personally, I feel that it would've been better if it is all written in first person narrative. That's just my preference, though and I figured it won't be beneficial for all the stories but wouldn't it be fun if we'd all know what the kids in Luna East are thinking?

The stories are brilliant, quick and fun but I just feel that the stories weren't allocated equal space in the book. Given that this is a collection of short tales, and some stories, I know can be powerful even with just few words, particular pieces in this book ate up almost a quarter of the whole collection.

But why do I like this anthology?

If you know me too well, you'd wonder why I rated it a star shy from a perfect five. I hate anthologies. It just tires me out. This one is different though. It is a break from all the melancholic anthologies I've been reading and that's the reason why I like the concept of Luna East, because it's fresh and light. Something you can read when you're blue or you just want something to pick you up and make you smile. Most of the stories will instantly transport you back to your teenage years. Those times when some of your biggest problems include school projects, terror teachers, crushes and bullies. Treasures of the past we all love remembering.

My group in college thought of something like this as well but it didn't pan out, so I really am happy that something like this came out. It's just saddening that I wasn't able to join them since I was also part of #romanceclass.

But tell you what, given the chance, I'd definitely enroll in Luna East to be part of the next volumes. :)

Rating: ★★★★☆


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