Giveaway Alert: Win a copy of Kids These Days (Luna East #1)

Hi friends! :)

Too many have been asking me where I got my copy of the first volume of Luna East. Well, all I said was, I was lucky enough to be given an ARC. But for those who didn't get the chance to read it beforehand, attend the launch even, here's a sweet treat. The kids over #romanceclass are generous enough that they are giving away Luna East Arts Academy volume 1 paperback + Luna East lanyard (oh, how I want this!) and keychain!

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All you have to do is:

1. Tweet about the giveaway. (which I will do after this post)

2. Answer this question: Who are you, at Luna East?
I was Ms. Extra Curricular Activities back in high school, so given a chance to go back or enroll myself in high school nowadays a la Never Been Kissed (hey, I'm a journalist too, that can happen!). I want to do something I haven't back in the days. So, if I'd answer this question, I want to be a wall flower in Luna East. I want to be as invisible as I can (but I know, I'm boisterous enough to be discovered soon enough so...) or be my elementary self actually, time when I can juggle reading, drawing, dancing, singing, acing quiz bees (or not), and playing volleyball (yes, I used to play volleyball back then, whatever happened to my sports genes, I don't know) because if there is something I regretted in high school that is I stopped reading books because I've been too busy being a teen.

3. Write and submit a Luna East Story.
Oh, this I shall do very soon! I want to be a part of the Luna East universe.

Well, that was easy-peasy, right? So, before it closes (which is in around 10 days from now) go and join now. You can find the rafflecopter widget below. But you can always reserve a copy for yourself if you want a sure thing. Order the P499 Trade paper back edition or P299 Student Edition here.


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