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I do book-related stuff everyday, so not a day goes by that I don't do something bookish. This day though is something I want in paper (or e-paper in this case).

Aside from finishing two books, A Bottle of Storm Clouds: Stories by Eliza Victoria which I read alongside my equally bibliophilic friends Raechella and Kwesi (and Zim and Clai) and the fourth installment in the Percy Jackson series, The Battle of the Labyrinth that I read in my Kindle and listened in my iPod at times. (Oh yes, I'm getting addicted to Rick Riordan because of Jesse Bernstein - the one who voiced the Percy series) I also got the chance (or time) to visit my favorite bookstore, Solidaridad, National Artist F. Sionil Jose's bookshop. He isn't around though, staff told me that he will be traveling North, perhaps his hometown this week. I remember, almost a year ago, I traveled all the way to Rosales, Pangasinan with my then book club friends (okay, this maybe read in another way so let us be clear. Hahaha. They still are my friends (or so I think?) but I'm not associated with the group anymore --- Oh, so much blabbering in just one entry!)

Okay, going back to my Soli story. I was convinced to finally buy Waywaya since it will complete my FSJ library (that is, if I find Sin in our little abode, would you believe, it's suddenly gone!) but I decided otherwise, I told the cashier that I shall return (a la Gen. Douglas hrhrhr) in a week's time to bring even just half of my unsigned books. I stayed for a bit as I am amused with the people coming in and out of the shop (and basically, because I still don't have to go since my ride is not yet around). Most of Solidaridad's patrons are tourists and expats, this perhaps because most of the books in their shelves are not so appealing to many, as those of a group of girls (not really girls, ladies actually) who passed by the shop, they were giggling, teasing and coaxing one another to ask the staff their million dollar question - "May libro po ba kayo ni DJ Chacha?" (Do you have DJ Chacha's book?), I'm not in a position to judge, but I was really annoyed, not by the question, not by their preference even, but how they broke the serenity and comforting silence I'm experiencing while running my fingers through the numerous spines. And for what, for a book they can easily find in major bookstores. Oh, I have nothing against that book, as some of you might know, the author and I work in the same company, and I'm the type of person who respects colleagues, well, as much as I respect everybody else actually. I just think it's preposterous to shatter tranquility, as it is a sacrilegious to laugh boisterously in a library. I was just so happy when the staff answered them with, "Oh, I don't know, why not go to NBS, it's just across the street,"

And you say, what's the point of this post? Nothing really, it's just today, I just hammered home another realization. I like it when it's quiet. Silence is my solace (so much for a girl with bionic ears -- this should be tackled in another post, in the other blog. hrhr) I used to pronounce that I'm an extroverted sanguine but truth be told, I'm quite a bookish loner (well, that explains why I love shopping alone).

So, break the silence and I'll break you (in my mind, that is!)


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