Troll the Counter: Percy Jackson Edition

So, my friends are also voracious readers and this is our definition of fun: tricking restaurant, cafe and other establishment's staff into thinking that our names came out of a good book. Also, because they always misspell our names anyway.

Last month, we were in the Mall of Asia and when we got tired of boisterously laughing about nothing important, we decided to rest and eat at BonChon.

The staff assigned in the counter asked for our name and look what she got.

Okay, so Zim told them his name is Percy (quite believable and yes, a good way to start this Percy Jackson edition). Anna told them she's Aphrodite but they ended up putting just AF (which my friends find fortuitous because Anna's name is Anna Frizelle). I said, I was Thalia and they got it right even when I pronounced it as THAL-YA and not the Mexican Telenovela Queen. THA-LEE-YA. Arbin said he was Apollo and they believed him. Ayban told them he is Poseidon and they misspelled it into Posaidon (in hindsight, who would believe you are Poseidon, anyway?). Another unbelievable name is Hades, the god of the underworld but Kwesi used it anyway, look what he got: Aydes! And there's Clai... who really wanted to be near Kwesi that she chose Thanatos, the god of death. And so the counter typed in... Tan. Well, in defense of that lady, Thanatos is not even a feminine name! (Sorry, Clai!) But Phoebe proved to be the only one who doesn't belong in our universe because she picked the Roman goddess, Minerva.

Okay, so this is one failed experiment but we sure did enjoy it. I'm thinking of doing a Hunger Games Edition next time. Hope it will succeed.

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