Guest Blog: Cora Cade + Ebook Giveaway

The Library Mistress welcomes our guest, Cora Cade, author of Morning Light, a Contemporary Romance about risk and sexual tensions as the protagonists embattles for the greatest conquest of their lives, their fight for love.

My debut release MORNING LIGHT was a fairly uneventful project.   Basically I put my butt in the chair and bled all over my laptop.  For a year.  Then I pitched it to an editor and almost vomited on her awesome shoes due to my uncontrolled nerves.  She contracted it three months later and I ugly cried at my day job when the email arrived.

Like I said, not very exciting.

But today we're going to talk about five facts that might surprise you about MORNING LIGHT.  You know, in an effort to make things more interesting.

1.  By day I work in Human Resources.  While I was writing MORNING LIGHT I was also doing massive amounts of interviewing for the day job.  I secretly catalog names in my head for future use.  Last names are of special interest, because they can be more difficult to decide on.   If we meet and you introduce yourself, your name is fair game.  You've been warned.

2.  I'm a huge Mumford & Sons fan.  NO.  Really.  Mumford's 'I Will Wait' had just released ahead of the album when I began writing MORNING LIGHT.  And then I listened to that song, and only that song, while I wrote the entirety of the book.  My husband is very thankful that I work with headphones in place.  As you read MORNING LIGHT you'll see my nod to Mumford & Sons-- and that nod carries through the entire series.

3.  Our heroine, Tennyson Sharpe, rescues a neglected yellow Lab early in the book.  This was something I knew Tenn would do before I ever wrote a word of the story.  It's no secret, or even interesting, that I have four rotten dogs.  Our oldest heathen is a yellow Lab mix named Truman and he's aging.  When it came time for our heroine to adopt a dog that needed love, there was no question that her Bo would be a representation of my Truman.  Because someday he'll be gone and I wanted him to always live on.

4.  Tenn's BFF is our hero's little brother Chris.  Chris drives a classic 1969 Chevy Camaro, a fact that will come in to play later in the series when he gets his very own book.  Since I grew up with a deep appreciation for classic American muscle, I knew one of my heroes would also share my love of the classics.  Turns out his heroine will also share his love of a classic car, only she'll drive a classic Mustang.  Just one more thing for them to disagree on when the time comes.

5.  I write under a pen name.  Not because my real name is not interesting (but it's not) or because I felt a deep need for privacy (I don't).  It had more to do with the uncertainty of how being published would affect those around me.  My husband teaches sixth grade, we live in a small town, and I wasn't sure how my in-laws would receive the information that I write pretty steamy romances.  Picking my pen name involved a fire, an alcoholic beverage or two, and my husband and I flipping through a baby name book.  After we had a short list I emailed my inner circle and asked for their opinions.  Then I picked the name no one liked.  In the end I had to pick the name I loved the most, because I was the one living with it.  Now my closest friends call me Coco and my real name doesn't even enter the picture anymore.

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  1. Love, love, love Morning Light! Fun facts, thanks for sharing :)

  2. COCO! Morning Light one of my favorite books of 2013!!! Love me an old Muscle car, Chris stole my heart with that! ;)


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