Guest Blog: Shevaun DeLucia

The Library Mistress welcomes Shevaun DeLucia, author of the new book Eternal Mixture

Do you believe in reincarnation and why or why not? And what part does it play with your characters?

I absolutely believe in reincarnation. The thought of my soul living on for eternity surrounds me in a blanket of tranquility, giving me hope. The thought that when my body can no longer go on in this life, but the most sacred part of me can, enables me to have a sort of acceptance with death. It allows me to except what is, and that it’s okay not knowing what may be. 
Don’t get me wrong, death is an all-around scary subject, and when I think of the possibility of dying before my time and leaving my kids, I panic. But, there is also a part of me that believes we all have a chosen path set out for us. How we get there is up to us, but the end result is all the same.

I know many may not believe in this topic, and that’s okay. But for me, there are too many coincidences and phenomenon linked to this possibility. I think each of us, whether we will admit it or not, have wondered what happens after we die. Is it truly the end for us all, or do we travel to another dimension or realm? Does karma play a part in whether we’re gifted reincarnation, or is it a gift we’re all given, worthy or not? What about love? Does finding your soul mate allow you to be awarded with the immortality of reincarnation, or does our love die with our body? 

I ask myself these questions every day. I believe karma, love, and soul mates all play a small part in this magical possibility. But ultimately, I think each person reincarnated may have a purpose to fulfill on Earth, big or small. Whatever the purpose, it plays an important part in our human world.

Raina is like most: a realist. An unbeliever of the mythical world; that is, until Brent comes crashing into her life. She believed in the basic simplicity behind life and death—the black and white. She never wonders where the soul comes from or how we come to be us. With most, there’s no need to question the otherworldly answers until they’re right in front of you. 

Brent shows Raina the impossible is possible. Not everything is black and white like she was taught to believe by society. Their reality is filled with colors seldom seen. Reincarnation is a part of their history together, and he opens her up to a whole new world—a beautiful world.

About the Author

Shevaun DeLucia lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs. As a stay-at-home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading. She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of her loud, overly rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy. When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determined to create the perfect ending of her own.

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If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it?

Raina Richmond has played it safe her entire life. She has never broken the rules. That is, until Brent Alexander walked straight into her life, causing havoc. Turning her world upside down.

Brent is the new kid in town. He is every girl’s fantasy: adorable, charming, chiseled, and the typical boy Raina usually steers clear of. But there is just something about him she can’t seem to resist. Safe is no longer an option for her. For him, she breaks all the rules.

What she doesn’t realize is that he holds the key to her past, present, and future. Once he reveals the reasons behind their irrevocable connection, she will unlock the answers to all of her questions, and her life as she knows it will never be the same again.


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