Review: The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

Title: The Isobel Journal
Author: Isobel Harrop
Publication: Hot Key Books
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

THE ISOBEL JOURNAL is no ordinary snapshot of a contemporary teenage life. A charming and vivid narrative scrapbook of the eighteen-year-old author's sketches, mini-graphic novels, photographs and captions, it captures her wit, her observations and her creative talent as she takes us through the three central themes in her life: 'Love', 'Friends, Art and Otters' and 'Me'.

Resonant of Laura Dockrill's MISTAKES IN THE BACKGROUND and with the powerful naïve illustrative style of cult Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, this is a collector's gift for teenagers and all who have the teenage experience still in their hearts. Readers will emphasise with this witty and honest journal of a girl getting to grips with impending adulthood. A must-have for all hipster teenagers and anyone who appreciates the raw creativity of youth. Enchanting and poignant.

Why this book?
I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchanged for an honest review. But to tell you the truth, I requested for this book because I find the cover really cute. Blue and pink are some of the colors that really appeal to me especially when they are together. They just look clean and well, heavenly... to top it all, this is a picture book and I figured that since I don't have much time to spare, I'd read and finish a picture book.

The Plot
A collection of rants and ramblings of a teenage girl presented in scrapbook form complete with doodles and notes.
The book starts off with a note: For everyone stuck where nothing really happens. Don't you just feel that, too sometimes? You are stuck somewhere where nothing really happens? Granted, I work in an environment where everything change everyday. I mean, you don't get the same news twice but the methods are sometimes predictable, so predictable you can tell what happens next. Nevertheless, I'm happy where I am now.

Favorite Pages
I gave this perfect stars so you can tell I really like it. So let me just append my favorite pages in here.
Click to see the larger image.
I do this ALL the time people just got used to it.
I stopped doing this but I just can't stop it sometimes. I love souvenirs!
I always wonder, why can I think about it, imagine it even if I can't produce it? :(
This goes out to you, yes you, I always miss you that I just want to bring you everywhere with me.
I was once told that I'm the easiest date, because when asked what I wanted to eat, I told him: FRIES.
Some thoughts
For someone as weird as I am, I find this really relatable. I can see myself in Isobel (and I like her naaame so baaaad!) The only thing we're different in is.. I can't ride a bike to save my life!

Hilarious. Artsy Fartsy. Cheesy. Very very cute. Yet sometimes profound.

Isobel, you want to write something profound... I guess you already did.


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