Happy Birthday, Rio Alma! ♥

Kids nowadays may know this guy as that person lobbying to kill 'Pilipinas' and use 'Filipinas' instead when referring to our country or the person locking horns with Carlo J. Caparas on the issue of the National Artist Award, but I've always known Rio Alma or Virgilio Almario as the guy who tell the tales. The stories I've known since I was a kid were harnessed by him and I turn to those narratives whenever I need a quick read or to just clear my mind.

Believe me when I say I've been planning about this post for quite a while now, it actually is evident in my Reading Plan. I will read a lot of Virgilio Almario books this month simply because it is his birth month. I planned on collecting all the books I owned that was authored by him. I was pretty sure that they are a lot, not as many as my Tiempo and Sionil Jose collection, but I know they are pretty many. I was dumbfounded when I only found these.
These are collections of poems. I also have Estremelenggoles (signed!!!) but someone borrowed it from me. (You know who you are. Bring it back or else...)

I had this signed during the first Aklatan last year. My friend, Rise of In Lieu of a Field Guide gave it to me. (Thanks again!)
And of course, this book! I promised to read it before it hit the bookstores but I still haven't! Bought this during its launch last year, also Rio Alma's birthday celebration.
I also have Rizal: Makata (lent again, oh boy, you have to give that back!) but you know, I was a bit dismayed. I've always been under the impression that I have enough Rio Alma books but I don't. And so, I told myself that I will head to Adarna House (not tomorrow, I'm busy tomorrow) on Tuesday and buy more books. And I know I'll buy his latest book soon!


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