Book Haul #1

My very first book haul post. I just can't believe it. For a compulsive hoarder like myself, I can't believe that I haven't bought too many books as of the late. My recent trips to BookSale branches as well as other bookstores only led me to single purchases that I dare not post here for I buy them, well, just because. Haha. (Also, because, I think, my passion for photography fled the time I lost my DSLR)

I deemed these books worthy of a post (very first book haul post, in fact!) because of some reasons I shall explain further below.

Advance Reading Copies
(courtesy of Pinoy Book Tours - Thank you!)
Perks of a Book Blogger - you get to read books earlier than everybody else. The responsibility to produce a good review can sometimes be overwhelming though. I signed up to review all these lovelies because I think, I need to brush up on Young Adult Novels. I recently shelved all my books (they looked few in a book case, so, I instantly had the feeling to buy more and more. Ha!) and I found out that I don't have much (or I really don't have) YA books. Not my cup of tea, eh?

I know, it's quite a lot and I also was appalled when I finally piled them up. I have to read all these right away! 

Preloved Books
(bought from A Reader's Corner Online Store - Thanks, April!)
I bought these books because they will always have a special space in my bookish heart.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. Long before I knew who Hoffman was, I loved the movie Practical Magic and I've been contemplating on ordering this off Book Depository but something inside me is holding me off, now I know why.

Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah. Chinese Cinderella is one of my favorite novels/memoirs of all time because it spoke to me in a way other books didn't. It has this gravitational force that even I tried and tried not to buy it, I eventually did and I seriously loved it. 

Sweet Valley Junior High #18 (True Blue). If there's one book that will instantly bring me to High School days, this is it, not because of Elizabeth and Jessica's High School dramas but because my friends and I read this book over and over in High School.

The Clique Summer Collection (Claire) by Lisi Harrison. I've been collecting The Clique books and with this one around, I only have four books left. Kristen, Cliquetionary, Boys 'R' Us and A Tale of Two Pretties.

Borrowed Books
The Hand of the Enemy by Kerima Polotan. The question: What to do when one of your favorite authors recommends a book to you? Read it right away! Much more when she showed up the next morning with the book in hand.

The Rules of Attraction by Bret Ellis. My friend, Clyde and I loved The Rules of Attraction (so much!) that I think it had been instrumental in our friendship. I later told him that the effect of watching the movie after quite some time diminished, the profundity, the spell, was somehow lost for a reason I don't know. I've been searching for this book to uncover that reason and good thing that a friend and a colleague has a copy displayed on his desk. I'm lucky, I know. 


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