Character Interview: Jonathon Tait from Jennifer Ainsley: The Final Demon War by Sidney Stone

Hello! My name is Jonathon Tait. I am the 170 year old billionaire who is the protagonist of my creator’s book: Jennifer Ainsley: The Final Demon War. Sidney Stone wrote the book and even though he named it after my adopted daughter, I am the real driver of the story. My alliance with the demons has made me the richest and most powerful man on the planet, Bill Gates is a piker compared to me, but I am betraying the demons to save my children after the demons murdered my wife. I have searched for the one weapon that can destroy the demons, and I have visions that only Jennifer can wield it. As my story, er, our story is featured today on this blog; here is a character interview so that you can get to know more about me. At least before the world ends…if we fail.

Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?

My worst quality and my best quality are related. The arrogance that is my worst quality led me down the path of this alliance with the demons after my rejection by my first love Catherin. She could sense the darkness in me and could not trust me. Yet, my humanity remained and it is the love that I have for my twins – Alexander and Sophia – that makes me attempt redemption and to help save the human race.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?

I wish they understood the love I had for both Catherin and my later wife Heather.

What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?

That I am 170 years old!!! If Heather only knew she wouldn’t have believed it. I was quite good with her in a certain area but of course I had a long time to learn all the tricks ;)

What are you most afraid of?

That something will happen to my twins. Another secret that I carry with me is that the twins may have an even more powerful destiny than Jennifer does. If Mordock, the great and terrifying leader of the demons finds out, all hope may be lost.

What do you want more than anything?

That I can save my children.

What is your relationship status?

Widower. I lost my wife Heather when the demons murdered her in the nursery where my children laid. It was the same night that Jennifer lost her mother and sister, and that I began to have visions that Jennifer may be humanity’s savior.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

Classic. I learned never to draw attention to myself like other wealthy and powerful people have.

How much of a rebel are you?

I am a complete rebel. First I betrayed mankind, now I am betraying the demons.

What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?

Finding the Sword of Jesus…the one weapon that can destroy the demons completely, and the one weapon that can give hope to our fading race.

What is your idea of happiness?

My twins health and happiness.

What is your current state of mind?

Satisfaction at betraying Mordock but anxious at the fate of the world. Is Jennifer strong enough to pull it off?

What is your most treasured possession?

In spite of my wealth I do not value possessions as most rich people do. I love my children, the estate where we spend most of our time and the beautiful natural beauty that surrounds it.

What is your most marked characteristic?


What is it that you, most dislike?

The demons for murdering my wife and threatening my children.

Which living person do you, most despise?

Mordock although he is not a person; he is the leader of the demons who wants to destroy the planet so that God accepts him back into heaven.

What is your greatest regret?

Not being more of a man that Catherin could love.

What is the quality you most like in a man?

Intelligent craftiness.

What is the quality you most like in a woman?

I most like an independent beauty.

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

I do not read much fiction, as my life is already fantastic enough. The Twilight Zone episode that featured the 3,000 year old man, that episode I admired greatly. Except for the bad ending…no one could ever shoot me and live.

Which living person do you most admire?

Besides my children, Jennifer Ainsley for her strength of character after she lost her family. She could have let that destroyed her, but instead, she used it as motivation to become far greater of a person than she ever thought possible.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I wish I could be with Catherin.

What is your motto?

Solve the problem. There is always a way. Solve the problem.

Plus, love is the meaning of life and it can redeem even an evil man such as myself.

Thank you again for featuring my creator’s book on your blog. If you receive a notice that there is room in The Caverns for you, it was because of this deed ;)

To learn more about Jonathon Tait read...

Title: Jennifer Ainsley: The Final Demon War
Author: Sidney Stone
Publication: December 7, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"

- Matthew 10:34

Jonathon Tait, whose demon-enhanced 170 year old life has helped make him the richest man in the world, secretly renounces his alliance with demons in order to save his twins and redeem himself in the eyes of the two women he loved and lost. Jonathon has visions that his beautiful college-aged adopted daughter Jennifer Ainsley, may be the key to humanity's survival and works with an underground movement to fight back against both the demons and the human leadership that is guiding our civilization towards total annihilation. A weapon from god that only Jonathon's daughter can use.

Can Jennifer wield the Sword of Jesus to fulfill her destiny even as the planet hurtles towards its destruction? Is she mankind's only hope and can Jennifer save everyone that she loves; including her destined soul mate Andrew Walker, or is humanity doomed?

The book is a tense, fast-paced fantasy/horror novel grounded in the contemporary world. With likable and engaging characters, a great deal of humor is also successfully incorporated into the book, despite its often grim and macabre themes. The plot clips along at a brisk pace with original and imaginative action scenes.

Jennifer Ainsley: The Final Demon War deftly tackles issues of greed, humanity's neglect for its weakest members, the race for power among individuals and nations, and the ability of love and courage to transcend personal weaknesses. It is a tale that combines horror and fantasy to tell a story of love, loss, sacrifice and redemption.

This suspenseful, emotionally rich novel with spiritual elements is the first chapter of an exciting new trilogy. It is also the origin story for a heroine who didn't ask to be one, with a destiny she is uncertain of fulfilling.


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