Cover Reveal: Daisy Does It All by Kylie Gilmore

Title: Daisy Does It All 
Clover Park #2
Author: Kylie Gilmore
Expected Publication: May 8, 2014
Publisher: Extra Fancy Books

Reality is overrated...
Exhausted single mom Daisy Garner is shocked when her blog about life with Darling Husband and Baby Delight in their charming Victorian home brings a national talk show to her door.
Amazing! Except she made the whole thing up.

Panic! Now she needs to borrow a Victorian house and find a man to play her fake husband on TV.

Travis O’Hare steps up for the role, as long as she’ll marry him for real. He wants their son to have the stable home life Travis never had.

But before the wedding can happen, Travis and Daisy have to get through the interview with a ratings hungry host and a slick producer with ties to Daisy’s troubled past. When a winter storm traps them all, it begs the question: can two people pretending at love finally discover the real thing?


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