Guest Blog: Anne Hope

The Library Mistress welcomes Paranormal Romance author Anne Hope.

The "Muse" in Music

Every so often, I’ll hear a song and it will spark an idea within me. Characters begin to take shape, storylines unfurl in my mind, and before I know it, I’m sitting at my keyboard typing away. Music is one of life’s great inspirations because it provokes not only thought but emotion. Lyrics can touch us on a deep level, which is quite extraordinary when you think about it. A song is only a page long, and yet it can trigger a greater emotional response than some novels.

Music is used in commercials to help consumers associate positive feelings to a given product. It is used in movies to heighten tension and drama. Most recently, I’ve heard talk of multimedia e-books, where music and videos are being embedded in books to improve the way we experience a story.

Given the important role music plays in storytelling, I decided to put together a playlist that could act as the soundtrack to my Dark Souls series. So grab a cup of coffee, put on your earphones and enjoy!

Halo by Beyoncé 

Back when I was writing Soul Bound, I kept hearing this song, and it always reminded me of Jace and Lia. The lyrics apply to both characters. Lia is bursting free of the shell she’s built around herself, breaking the rules, and risking it all for the love of her angel. As for Jace, Lia truly is his “saving grace.” Hear light burns through the growing darkness inside him, forcing him to become a better man. And let’s not forget the strange, compelling aura he keeps seeing around her.

All of Me by John Legend

This song is absolutely perfect for Soul Deep. Regan is definitely Marcus’s downfall, not to mention his “worst distraction.” Half the time he’s wondering what’s going on in her head, afraid she’s going to do something that will land her in hot water. Still, despite all her “perfect imperfections,” he risks everything to save her. These two may enjoy poking fun at each other, but when push comes to shove, Marcus and Regan are willing to put everything on the line for love.
Unconditionally by Katy Perry

This song beautifully describes the pure, tender love Angie and Adrian share in Soul Thief. Both characters have their own demons to overcome, but they accept each other wholeheartedly. From the first moment Angie lays eyes on Adrian, she sees the good in him. Adrian longs to break through Angie’s defenses and claim her heart, even though she warns him that loving her could prove dangerous. Whatever the future holds, whatever storm they may have to brave, they are determined to face it together. In fact, Adrian’s love for Angie is so powerful, that he is willing to fight any force to be with her, including time itself.

Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne

In Soul Chase, Adrian can’t move forward with Angie’s reincarnation, Emma, unless he lets go of the memories and guilt that plague him. He is so obsessed with holding on to the pain, that he risks losing his soul mate all over again. Emma fights for Adrian, determined to free him from the chains that bind him and make him understand that it’s okay to let go of the past and start over.  

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri 

I’m currently writing Cal’s story, the fourth and final installment in my Dark Souls series, and if this book is ever made into a movie, this could be its theme song. Cal has loved and mourned his wife for over five thousand years. Now, fate has seen fit to resurrect her, but Cal is unwilling to risk his mission…or his heart. Rhea is the reason he fell, the reason he damned all of mankind, and he fears if he lets her in, history will repeat itself. But her loneliness matches his own, and emotions he thought he buried ages ago keep rearing up within him. If he’s not careful, he may very well end up falling all over again.

Demons by Imagine Dragons

There can’t be a more perfect song to sum up my Dark Souls series than Demons by Imagine Dragons. Every word in this song is relevant, from the darkness my characters harbor inside to their overwhelming desire to protect the light in those they love. In every Dark Souls book, the hero struggles to guard the heroine from the beast hiding within him. His curse is one of darkness, but somehow, the heroine succeeds in teaching him how to go against his nature and embrace the light. It is a beautiful song, full of heart and emotion, the very things I try to infuse in each book I write.


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