Guest Blog: Shevaun DeLucia

Shevaun DeLucia returns for another guest post. This time, she talks about some random facts about herself.

1. My home country is Belize. My mother went there for archeology with a group from college in her early 20s. She met my father and—BOOM—I was born. Unfortunately, I left when I was 9 months old, but I have been a New Yorker ever since!

2. My favorite subject in school was Art. I could look at a still subject and draw it to a T. I always regret not indulging my artistic side more, but writing has given me the chance to delve into my creative side, which is just as gratifying.

3. My favorite adult beverages are the following: Riesling for wine, Corona with Lime for beer, and Grey Goose with Red Bull and a splash of pineapple for a mixed drink.

4. I am completely obsessed with all the Real Housewives reality shows! Love, love, love them! When I was a stay-at-home mom, my husband used to tell me there should be a Real Housewives of Rochester for me. Lol. I wish!

5. In sixth grade, my appendix burst. I was diagnosed with the stomach flu and sent home. I walked around for two weeks in this condition until I went back to the emergency room, was diagnosed properly and rushed into the operating room. Thanks to this, I have a nice scar across my lower stomach.

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6. I have two dogs: a Yorkie named Milla and a German Shepherd named Blue. They were both born on the same day, October 5th, exactly one year apart!

7. My husband and daughter are OBSESSED with Tim Horton’s Iced Cap Caramel Lattes with whipped cream and extra caramel. Yuck!!! Lol.

8. The scariest movies I have ever seen are The Fourth Kind and The Exorcism of Emily Rose! They were both based on true stories and both gave me the chills!

9. I am a mom to an all-star cheerleader. We travel from city to city and state to state for competitions. It’s grueling and tiring, but it’s amazing to watch and worth every exhausting moment. I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world!

10. Writing has become my life. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. It’s grown on me and is now a part of who I am. I am extremely ecstatic about sharing my heart and soul with the whole world!


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