Julianne Moore is President Coin!

I've been in a book blogging hiatus because, just because. No, srsly, there's too much on my plate right now that I just want to finish. You know what they say, only eat what you can chew, I honestly became bloated with too much work, books and things in mind so I decided to just stop. For a while, like a week while. However this announcement requires me to go back this instant. Haven't you heard? Julianne Moore is President Coin! I really don't like Mockingjay as much as the first two books but I just can't wait to watch it still!

I told you, I'm not kidding! There's even a recorded interview!!! (Okay, too much exclamation point)

Okay, I'll be honest here, I've always pictured President Coin as someone a little bit... older. I mean, you are ruling District 13! And if President Snow is that old, I then think that Alma Coin shouldn't be this young and look at her! She. Is. Gorgeous.

I've always, always pictured Judi Dench as President Coin. (Honest! I was thinking about her the whole time I was suffering reading the long book) Those powerful, powerful eyes. 

But whatever, I love Julianne Moore.


  1. I was really excited when this was announced! I have to agree with you completely, Judi Dench would've been perfect for President Coin, but I have no doubt that Julianne Moore is going to do an excellent job.

  2. I agree! Now, I don't know if I still can hate President Coin anymore.


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