Just Another Update

Hi Bookish Friends! :)

Here's an update from me. :)

As of today, I'm currently reading:

* Titser by Liwayway Arceo (been reading this small and thin book for so long. I just can't finish it. Will review after.)

* Dark Metropolis (magic, zombies, government, love! must finish now. review due tomorrow/later!)

* Smart Girls Get What They Want (fluffy! very fluffy!)

What to Read Next: (because I'm blowing off my Reading Plan)

* Panic (and review!)

* Say Things That Change (and review!!!)

* The Hand of the Enemy

* Table For Two

* One Crazy Summer

What to expect (AKA things I need to do for this blog)

* #JanusSilang events recap (launch, bookuwentuhan & book signing)

* Review of Maybe One Day (didn't really like this book, so been having hard time finalizing my review)

* Review of From the Memoirs of A Non Enemy Combatant (read with my group)

* Bookish Places I've been to (alone/with friends)

* Summary & Analysis of The Giver

* Review of Ngumiti si Andoy

* Review of Beauty and Sadness (I feel the pressure, Emir)

* Tell everyone about my Lit Class!

* Book Haul. Books I got from BookSale visits, NBS Warehouse Sale, Gifts from Bookish friends and favorite online bookstores. They're just too many! I'll proudly show them to you.


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