On books

The main reason why I opened up this book blog is not to offer book reviews, get free advanced reading copies (I actually never thought of that) and get invited to book events. Truth be told, the one huge reason that made me realize I need to create The Library Mistress is because I want to talk about books. Period. Just so happened that by taking this path, you also get all the perks of being a book blogger as mentioned above. So, while surfing the net and researching about, yes, books - I'm that much of a book nerd - I realized that why shouldn't I just talk about books? Any book, nothing in particular - because that's what I really wanted to do from the start. I'm not saying I won't be reviewing books or featuring new releases anymore. It's just that, I want to open a segment of this webspace for my crazy thoughts - and well, maybe because I'm having a hard time writing reviews lately. I've always known it will become a chore for me if I'd push myself to write constantly so I'm taking a break.


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