Currently Reading: Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano

Blogging hiatus is never new to me. In fact, I wanted so much to graph my behavior so I'd know what could be the reason behind it, aside from usual suspects - laziness and procrastination. But November is egging me to blog more about books. And I shall comply.

Let me start by telling you about what I'm currently reading.

As of posting, I'm already halfway through Chapter 7 and I can say that this book is eliciting too much feelings from me. Perhaps because of the all too familiar theme of friendship and unrequited love. I picked up this book just a while ago because I was suddenly reminded that I'm scheduled to post a review tomorrow. Now, you'll ask me why I signed up for the blog tour if I'm on a reading slump? Well, I wanted to help and drum up support for this first time author who I happen to know. I've always believed that she can make it this far. So, here I am. Speed reading!!!

Here's to hoping I will finish this in time for the scheduled tour stop! Byers. Back to reading.


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