Hey, hey, V-A-C-A-Y!

I went back to school this second semester because of reasons even I don't have a single clue on but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. Studying again proved to be one of the best decisions I've made in the two and a half decades I'm living. However, I sacrificed some of the things I love for this one big decision, I let go of one of my first shows on ANC, Talkback with Tina Palma, heartbreaking but I really have to and I devoted my time to reading lessons than cracking any book in my library open. It definitely is life changing. By entering the four corners of a classroom again, I realized that I clearly have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and I know that I must do this to quench my aching need. I just don't get to read as much as I like, (read Fiction for that matter), but whatever, 30 books from 130 is not bad, right? Hahaha. (See Goodreads Reading goal. Lol)

But whatever, it's already vacay and I'll try to read everything I can in the span of what, 2 months? Hahaha. Je peux le faire!

As a proof, I've already watch two movies I've been meaning to since I saw their trailers.

I watched Cinderella with my cousin in the cinemas last week (during exam week, I knoooow. I was soooo #stressed, I needed diversion)

It was okay, not very good and not so bad either. I actually told everyone that it literally is just the live action version of the Disney flick. Seriously. No climax and conflicts at all. Nothing new.

I've also watched the DVD version of KimXi's Past Tense. Another okay movie. The premise is interesting but I really don't like much of the acting. Something you won't watch again. But it nevertheless amused me.

So, there. Until the next update and... oh, reading, this is a book blog, yes. Hahaha. I currently have GGM's Love in the Time of Cholera in my bag, finally, I knoooow. And yes, I have to finish it this time.


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