Why I feel better even if I missed my 2015 reading goals

For someone who guns for more than a hundred books a year (how else can I read all my TBR if I wouldn’t), I should really feel bad that not only I reduced my reading goal by a hundred – 30, to be exact. I haven’t even finished and completed the goal last year.

However, truth be told, I am completely okay. Why? Here are some reasons:

Quality vs Quantity

Being a part of a book club has its pros and cons, for one, I am kind of compelled to read at least a book a month – both a pro and a con, if you ask me. More often than not, I read outside of the genre I am used to which is nice because I get acquainted with books I wouldn’t even think of buying in the first place but sometimes I also get duty-bound to finish a book I don’t even like! Another effect of being surrounded with book lovers to me is that I tend to read as much even more than everybody else is reading. I am competitive that way. If I see that someone is reading 20 books a month, I have to read 21. I’ve always been influenced by peer pressure, if everybody is reading, I must read as well. I miss being active in book clubs and the literary circle but a time away made me realize that most of the time, quality is more than quantity. I am not afraid to say (this is my blog, my opinion!) that some books are really shitty and we all have to learn to DNF. One of my personal goal this year is I never should settle and reading books that aren’t meant for us is one way of settling. I personally read books to be entertained so why will I punish myself by enduring a book I don’t like just because of the numbers?

Book hangover

This will sound outrageous but I have never experienced a book hangover until last year and that is Jenny Han’s Lara Jean series. I’ve been so in love with Peter Kavinsky that I named my new laptop Lara Jean and my flash drive Kavinsky. (My HDD’s name is Katniss, my iPod is Peeta, my phone is Annabeth, and my other phone is Percy. Hahaha) I guess the reason why I never had a book hangover is because I just read and read and don’t have enough time to relish and appreciate the books better.


It hurts me that my books got bumped off my top priority list but I think, I am a more well-rounded person now. My planner, for one, is not flooded by books I want to read, I want to buy and books I must finish and review.

Me time

I don’t feel bad that I watch more series and movies now than I read. I don’t feel bad that I go to the mall on weekends than staying in my bed and read. I concede that reading can also be considered as ‘me time’, but trying to keep up with a gargantuan goal is more stressful than enjoyable.


If there is one thing I learned last year, that is acceptance is a part of maturity. Actually, this whole post stemmed from my discovery that I am now able to accept my failures and I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I was even able to let go of a budding love affair without any tears on my face – beat that!

I am not telling you to trim your goal down the way I did but it worked for me so I’m doing it again this year. I set my Goodreads reading goal to 20 books but I know, I won’t pressure myself to finish it.

How many books do you plan to read this year?
What are the things you learned last year?


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