Review Policy

First, let me just remind you that I am not a professional book reviewer. I do this for fun and that being said, my entries are based solely on my thoughts, feelings (rants and random musings) about the books I read.

Included in every book review:

Cover art
Author & Publication details
Summary (usually from Goodreads)
My personal thoughts about the book
I also post my reviews on GoodReads.

What I read:

* Filipiniana - I'm an avid supporter of Pinoy Books. I believe that Filipinos must support their very own. I'm currently refraining from buying too much foreign books as I am reserving my 'book money' for Filipino books.

* Chick Lit - Before anything else, I'm a Chick Lit fan. I devour Meg Cabot, Lisi Harrison and whathaveyou.

* Children's Book - I've never outgrown the kid in me. I always like reading the books in the children's section.

Other genres I like:

* Young Adult
* Romance
* Contemporary Fiction
* Crime/Mystery
* Historical Fiction

I don't like stories that involve:

* Taboo
* Killing of Children

How long will it take for a review

I try to read the review titles that I receive in a timely manner but I do have time constraints. If the book is an ARC, I will try to review the book in the month surrounding its release date, in most cases before the book is released or shortly after. I cannot currently promise a review by date.

Rating System

★★★★★ – 5 stars – Love the book. I will definitely recommend it to friends!

★★★★ – 4 stars – I liked the book very much. Not a favorite, but will still recommend to select friends.

★★★☆☆ – 3 stars – I liked the book. Not that good but not bad either.

★★☆☆☆ – 2 stars – It was okay. I don't hate it but I won't rave about it.

★☆☆☆☆– 1 star – Expect me to rant.

If you are an author, publicist, publisher, or other publishing affiliate interested in having me review a book, participate in a blog tour, host a relevant guest post/interview/giveaway, please e-mail me at


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